Cloud Wallet
version 2.0


Cloud Wallet is the world’s first
social wealth wallet to integrate
all blockchain cryptographic
assets into one platform

Future of Banking

The world’s first social wealth wallet to integrate all blockchain cryptographic assets into one platform. The wallet is designed using the latest blockchain 4.0 technology capable of making secure transfers and trading on the exchanges using AI.

Cloud Wallet version 2.0 is a fully distributed wealth management digital wallet utilizing the 4th generation of blockchain technology, allowing users to securely transfer, store, earn and spend cryptocurrency anytime, anywhere. It is simple and easy to operate, with hundreds of compression tests, powerful anti-theft technology to maximize the security of digital assets.

The 4.0 blockchain technology allows nodes to communicate and process data collectively, making sure a high transaction speed where it is capable to perform cross-chain encrypted exchange and payment for manufacturers, e-commerce and other products.

Cloud Wallet version 2.0 aims to address the inequality of the current financial systems, delivering true financial freedom back to all individuals by providing an integrated social and wealth management ecosystem.


Connecting individuals and merchants together without an unnecessary middleman

Service system
Highly secured and safe. Supports and proceeds millions of USD transaction daily

Enormous network
600,000 + active users in 10 + countries

Application Landing
Diversified features and apps, penetrating blockchain in our daily life

Assets management
Revolutionizing lifestyle, social and wealth management

You can find


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