2FA update
Dear Cloud 2.0 Community, 
Following yesterday’s announcement regarding the new Google Authenticator (2fa) update, we would like to remind our members of the following points: 
1.     Please make sure to save the Google Authenticator seed code from the Cloud app when performing setup. This is essential for any future need to recover the Google Authenticator. (However, if you have completed the new update and did not save the seed code, please do not panic, you may use your Mnemonic Words to reset the Google Authenticator function in the Cloud app should the need arise). 
2.     Members do not need to delete and redownload the Google Authenticator app from your phone to perform the Cloud 2.0 updates. Simply follow the instructions from the last notice to directly set up new codes on your existing Google Authenticator app (the link to the instructions is placed below): 
3.     All former Cloud 2.0 codes on your Google Authenticator app are now obsolete and may be deleted. 

4.     Authy app may be used instead of the Google Authenticator.
Cloud 2.0 Team 
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